Requirements for entering the Dominican Republic 

  1. Fill the forms and follow the steps at Mandatory for both entry and departure.
  2. Make sure to show the QR code you obtained from the previous step to the required airport authorities.
  3. Make sure to show the documents from steps 1 and 2 to the required airport authorities.

Note: Getting tested for COVID is not an entry requirement in the Dominican Republic. However, a percentage of all passengers (except those younger than 5 years) selected randomly could be subject to COVID test upon arrival. (This does not apply if you have a negative PCR test from less than 72 hours before or a Covid vaccination certificate showing that you got your last dose at least 3 weeks before) .

Requirements for returning to the United States

There are two types of test; the PCR (which takes between 2 and 3 days to show results) and the antigen test or fast test (takes less than 24 hours to show results).

  1. Get tested for COVID (3 days before departure at most)
  2. Fill the forms and follow the steps at Mandatory for both entry and departure.
  3.  Sign the document found at
  4. Make sure to show the documents from step 1, 2 and 3 to the required airport authorities.Note: The Covid test is not required for kids below 2 years old or passengers with a positive covid test result that is 3 months old at most, along with a letter from a medical authority stating that you have been cleared up for travel.


How to get tested for COVID

If you want to get the COVID test you have the option of going through this process with BlueCasas assistance or doing it by yourself.


Option 1 – COVID test with BlueCasas assistance

  1. Provide your personal data (and your travel companions’) to the BlueCasas’ team. Data such as: 

          -Copy of your passport or ID. 

          -Email address of every member of the group.

          -Cellphone number of each member of the group.

  1. Tell us with precision your check-in and check-out hours
  2. Pay the total fee for the COVID tests before you and your group arrive in the Dominican Republic ( COVID tests aren’t covered by insurance). Cost: RD$5000 (approximately 86USD)


Option 2 – Getting the COVID test by yourself

If you want to get this test by yourself, below we provide you with a list of laboratories where you can get tested.


Laboratories where you can get tested for COVID-19

Please, book in advance, especially if you are taking the PCR test because it can take between 48 to 72 hours before showing results. Also, have your ID or passport at hand, as well as your email address.


Santiago options


  • Referencia laboratory

For drive through test book at 

For delivery contact and book through WhatsApp at +1 809.221.5545. 


  • HOMS

Phone number: +1 829 947 2222


  • Unión Médica

Phone number: +1 809 226 8686


Puerto Plata options


  • Centro Médico Bournigal

Phone: +1 809-586-2342

WhatsApp: +1 829-679-3155 (Only available from 8am to 6pm- Monday to Friday)

PCR test RD$ 4,500.00 (approximately 77 USD) results between 72 hours to 5 days.

You don’t need a doctor’s note. You can go directly to the ER.  

They have English-speaking staff.


  • Centro Médico Cabarete

Phone +1 809-571-4696

PCR: RD $4,400 ( approximately 80 USD) Results at 48 hours.

Test available 24 hours a day.


  • Laboratorio Referencia

Phone: +1 809-261-8181

PCR: RD$ 4,300 ( approximately 74USD)

PCR Express (Fast test):RD$ 5,000 ( approximately 86USD)

You don’t need an appointment or doctor’s note. You may go straight to the ER.

They have English speaking personnel.


Our advice: To ensure a hassle-free stay, we recommend you get the test with our assistance. If you decide to get the test by yourself, call and book your test between 72 and 48 hours before your departure. We also advise you to avoid unnecessary exposure because if you get infected by COVID-19 during your stay, you might get stranded in the Dominican Republic until you get a negative test result.